Comfortability versus filtration capacity

All our masks are equally efficient on the outside in killing viruses, bacteria and fungi.
But besides the visual shape we also made a distinction in the amount of mask layers. The more layers a mask has the better it performs on filtering bacteria and viruses but the less comfortable it will be in breathing.
Different models for different users. We offer masks for the community but also for professionals (nurses, doctors, healthcare workers, ...)
SUPRMASK - Multilayered Surgical Face mask - Mask models


We offer 3 different models:


Pleated shape, covers more of your face and provides more coverage than fitted masks.

Available as SUPRMASK Comfort, Basic, Basic+ and Pro.

Comfort has 3 layers, Basic has 4 layers, Basic+ has 5 layers and Pro has 6 layers of protection.

Duck bill masks are the best fit mask.

Available as SUPRMASK Medical

This mask performs better than 80% of the imported N95/FFP2/KN95 masks and provides a better fit than a surgical mask.

Cfr. Is there an adequate alternative to commercially manufactured face masks? A comparison of various materials and forms. G.R.Teesing, B. van Straten, Man, T.Horeman-Franse

Fitted are the most fashionable but provide the least coverage.

Available as SUPRMASK Light and Premium.

Light has 4 layers and Premium has 6 layers of protection.