How to re-use that left-over sock


At least one sock seems to disappear with every wash, leaving you with a pile of lonely items that have lost their other half.


Experts claim to have solved the mystery of the disappearing socks and have even devised a formula to predict the likelihood of them straying. Although it won't help prevent the First World problem from happening, it may finally shed some light on why it happens in the first place.   


Main factors causing missing socks were found to be the complexity of the washing load, such as the way the batches are divided up, based on whites/colours/different temperatures, and the number of socks in each wash cycle. They found there are many practical reasons for sock loss rather than supernatural disappearances or far-fetched explanations such as them being sucked into black holes, as proposed by famed physicist, Stephen Hawking as a joke.


The formula was tested during a survey among 2.000 people, it shows that we loose an average of 1,3 socks each month. That means we loose 1.250 socks in our life.


The practical question would be ‘What can we do with the lonely socks when their mates go missing in the laundry?’. Well, some people would hang onto those lonely socks and wait until they find their partners or just pair the odd socks together and use them as a new fashion style! However, there are some other creative ways to rejuvenate your odd socks. Do not underestimate the uses of your socks! 


For Decoration

Most people use odd socks as a decoration. Ranging from basic ideas to more advanced & creative levels. If you are an amateur; you could try to create sock bean bags, sock cupcakes or sock roses but if you have advanced crafting skills, there are plenty of interesting ideas on Pinterest that you could follow such as making a ‘Sock Snow Man’ . If you craft it well, you could generate additional revenue from upcycling your odd socks and potentially selling them! You would also be doing your bit for the environment.



Socks can be used as a cleaning tool, any housekeeper knows this secret! You can use socks as a reusable Swiffer pad, dry eraser or used as a rag. With this, you don’t have to buy those cleaning tools. House is cleaned and money is saved! Also, old socks can be used as DIY dryer balls, by placing tennis balls inside a sock and spraying your own favourite washer fragrance. How creative!


Functional use

Prevent furniture from scratching your floors, by placing socks on the bottom of table and chair legs. This might be at the top of people’s minds when people think of what to do with old/odd socks. However, there are other practical ideas for re-using old socks, such as protecting golf clubs, storing tennis balls or even levelling a table. The most important thing of all is, if you choose the right design/pattern and match colours with your current decor, it could be very modish and chic.



Odd socks can be transformed to be stylish fashion accessories. For example, making an iPhone armband is one of the coolest ideas. Also, as the main purpose of socks are to keep your feet warm and protect your feet, it is not unusual that odd socks could be applied to protect other parts of your body such as your arm (arm band) and your leg (leg warmer).



Socks can be transformed to be other items as well such as, pet toys, heating pads, coin purses, coffee cup cozy’s and iphone or ipod case’s. There is no limitation of transforming odd socks, it is up to your creativity and imagination. If you have some other ideas regarding the use of odd socks, please let us know! All in all, if your socks are just missed or your socks are too old to be worn, just relax and smile, you could give them a new lease of life with our little life hacks!


Another solution is to buy always the same socks. Each 2 months you can create a new pair of socks with the 2 identical leftovers. Use SUPRGOODS socks to fill your drawers.

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