Our story started in 2017.  With SUPRLABS (Silver Upgraded Products in Research) we develop, manufacture, market, and sell metalized yarns and other materials. (SUPRLABS.COM)

During our sales meetings we had the problem that most of our initial contacts were non technical so our yarn samples that we gave as a reference had no direct value to them. They could only hand over the samples to their lab for testing.

So we started looking for more attractive sampling material that could appeal all contacts and show them the added value and potential of our yarns. SUPRGOODS, Silver Reinforced Garments and related articles,  was born.

It is an interesting time in smart textiles development. Smart textiles are materials that can react or adapt to external stimuli or changing environmental conditions. 

  • The stimuli can include changes in temperature, moisture, pH, chemical sources, electric or magnetic fields, or stress. 
  • Advanced smart textiles can have embedded computing, digital components, electronics, energy supply, and sensors. 

As the industry matures and develops there is an increasing drive to turn research results into commercial opportunities. 

“People are getting more environmental conscious; there is more focus on energy-saving techniques; airlines are putting pressure on its clients by increasing the prices of their luggage (weight) and bacteria are winning the battle against antibiotics. So the apparel industry needs to shift to smart textiles that kill bacteria/fungi, are eco-friendly, lightweight and that don’t need to be washed on a daily basis … SUPRGOODS. “

SUPRGOODS mission is to provide cutting edge smart textiles with pure silver. “Sustainable Lightweight Smart Garments Reinforced with Pure Silver ”