SUPRGOODS - Silver products


Bamboo is well-known for its moisture-wicking and anti-odor qualities. We blend pure Silver (not silver nanoparticles) into our Bamboo garments to prevent stink from accumulating. The applied pure Silver never wears off and keeps performing for the life of the product (carrier). 



Socks made with Silver have natural anti-bacterial functions, a bacteriostatic and deodorisation value. Test results show over 99,9% bacteria perished when in contact with the Silver. In addition, tests by third parties found that, even after fifty wears and washes, Silver fabric does not wear off, meaning our socks remain effective with time.


The Bamboo with pure Silver allows to keep your sock fresh longer and healthier as the fabric naturally stops bacteria from spreading. We add Silver in those parts of the garment where more sweat is produced (foot sole, armpit…)



The Silver yarn inhibits the growth of odor producing bacteria. The Silver ions also bind with ammonia and denatured proteins, resulting in bacterial odor reduction. We use pure Silver, which is permanently bonded and 100% safe.


The Silver yarns will interfere with the intra-cellular level of the bacteria, disrupting the DNA of micro-organisms on the fabric and effectively suffocating microbial activity.



Our Silver fibers interfere with the reproductive sequence in fungal spore, which acts on the fabric structure to break down the textiles and reduce the functionality and performance of the fabric.



We took comfort to a whole new level by creating our own fabric with a blend of Bamboo and pure Silver that feels ultra-soft, wicks moisture, and regulates body temperature.   

Our socks are loose-knit with a super stretchy fit to offer maximum blood flow, and have a unique friction-less interior.



Silver is thermally the most conductive and reflective element. Conduction, the primary cause of body heat loss in hot temperatures, is accelerated due to the conductivity of the fiber. Our garments will help regulate temperatures, it will help keep the body cool in warm climates and warm in cool climates.


The cross-section of the bamboo fiber is filled with various micro-gaps and micro-holes, ensuring much better moisture absorption and ventilation than other fibers. This means that the bamboo is 2-3 degrees cooler in warm weather and also very warm in cold weather, because of the same micro structure.



Silver is the most electrically conductive element. The pure silver yarn in our garments instantly dissipates naturally generated electrostatic charge and helps the end user remain comfortable



Silver pulls moisture away from the body to the exterior of the garment so that it can evaporate more easily. Silver “wicks” the moisture (or sweat) away from your skin, which makes you feel more comfortable when you're active. 


Bamboo never sticks to the skin, it’s 3-4 times more absorbent than cotton, wicking moisture away from the skin which then evaporates, keeping you naturally drier and more comfortable.