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Silver Products - Care Instructions



  •  Our Silver and Bamboo yarns keep bacteria from multiplying on the fabric but dust and dead skin-cells will eventually accumulate and give the sock a moody smell. We advise that you wash your SUPRGOODS products every 5-7 days with your normal laundry at a low temperature.

  • Wash it on a cool (30° C / 86° F) or warm cycle (40° C / 104° F), and hang to dry if possible

  • Our products will be able to take up to 60 degree Celsius and can be tumble dried on low heat however we do not recommend this due to unnecessary use of energy

  • Do not use chlorine bleach. 

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Our masks contain natural silver, the storage, maintenance and washing ways are very specific:
    There's no need to wash it every day just take it off and put it in a dry, ventilated area.
      Only wash the mask when it is visually dirty.
      • To wash, rinse in warm water for a maximum of 5 minutes, gently rub any dirt marks under warm water (maximum 40° C / 104° F)
      • Don't wring the masks during washing.
      • Don't dry clean; don't soak in high-temperature water; don't wash with a machine.
      • Don't iron the masks; don't steam iron the masks.
      • Don't use a dewatering machine or dryer for the drying process. It's better to let it dry gently in the open ventilated air.
        Appropriate cleaning and care can extend the life of the masks.