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Pure Silver is a metal that can naturally be extracted from mother earth. There are no artificial chemicals in our 99.99% pure Silver, and it is of course nontoxic. Of all metals known to mankind, Silver is known for being the most efficient reflector as well as the best electrical, and thermal conductor. But most importantly Silver is known for its oligodynamic effect; a biocidal effect that controls microbial growth and kills bacteria with Silver ions, who act on the fabric structure to break down the textiles and reduce the functionality and performance of the fabric.

This is why Silver can be found in many places in human history as a bacteriocidal product. Silverware is a great example of self-sanitizing cutlery, in the same way as Silver water bottles carried by military commanders on expeditions for protection against diseases. Lately innovation has brought the natural pure Silver fibers into new use; from wound bandages to car seats … to garments.

Historically seen, Silver has thus always had a professional relation to the human body, and now SUPRGOODS want to bring this SUPR fiber to your closet.

Silver has historically been used for its antimicrobial properties in hundreds, even thousands of years, from the ancient Greek, where people would put Silver coins in their water, to early warfare where wounded soldiers would use coins under their bandages. This technology has been verified by more than a decade of testing at global research institutions. Furthermore, our fabric is put through rigorous wash tests to ensure protection that will last the lifetime of the product.