When you think of silver you soon think of beautiful jewelry. But what few people know is that it is also capable of killing bacteria. This disinfecting effect has been known for over 3000 years.

For example, our grandmothers already knew that silver had this effect. They put a silver coin in the milk jug to make sure it lasted longer. In the Middle Ages people ate with silver cutlery to protect themselves against infections. And even in ancient Rome doctors used silver as a disinfectant in the treatment of burns. The only question is how our silver yarn can have an antibacterial effect.



A property of silver is that it releases ions when it comes into contact with water. Silver ions are positively charged particles that are capable of reaching bacteria in several places simultaneously. As soon as the ions have reached their place, they have a few strategies to get rid of the bacteria.

Silver ions:

  1. Destroy the enzymes that cause nutrients to go to the bacteria and thereby stop the growth of the bacteria.

  2. Disrupt the functioning of the cell membrane, cytoplasm and cell wall.

  3. Disrupt cell division and thus inhibit the process of cell multiplication..

We use silver yarn in our products. These are silver fibres woven into a yarn. So we are not talking about loose silver fibres that can disappear during washing. The yarn is processed in such a way that it does not disappear from the product.



The application of silver yarn in our products enables us to produce t-hirts, underwear and socks and other garments. After many washes, these still have active silver ions and can, among other things, continue to combat perspiration odour.

The bond between silver and the substrate is not a coating but an actual chemical bond.

Not all silvers are equal. Our technology is made from special process which can control the ion release profile based on application. Optimum performance occurs using the appropriate product. 

TIP: When buying silver products, please note that no nano silver [loose particles of silver] is used, but silver yarn so that the product can be used for a long time. We sell only products with 100% silver thread in our webshop.

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