Sometimes we are still surprised about where our silver yarn can all help. It has to do with the combination of the most important properties of silver yarn:

  1. Anti-bacterial.  Silver interferes on an intra-cellular level of the bacteria, disrupting the DNA of micro- organisms on the fabric and effectively suffocating microbial activity.

  2. Anti-fungal. Silver interferes with the reproductive sequence in fungal spore, which acts on the fabric structure to break down the textiles and reduce the functionality and performance of the fabric. 

  3. Thermo Regulation. Besides eliminating bacteria and odor, silver is thermally the most conductive and reflective element. Conduction, the primary cause of body heat loss in hot temperatures, is accelerated due to the conductivity of the Silver fibre. Silveryarns will help regulate temperatures. When used in sheeting, for example, it will help to keep the body cool in warm climates and warm in cool climates.

  4. Electrostatic Charge Dissipater. Silver is the most electrically conductive element. The pure silver yarn in the product instantly dissipates naturally generated electrostatic charge and helps the end user to remain comfortable. 

The antibacterial effect is quite obvious. Wherever too many bacteria cause risks of infection, silver yarn can be used. Many diseases cause wounds to the skin, such as diabetes, scleroderma and eczema. Wearing silver socks, t-shirts or trousers is a good idea. Bacteria also cause bad smells and killing bacteria prevents that. In case of excessive sweating (hyperhydrosis) under the armpits, feet or groin, silver clothing can reduce this problem.

The effect on the blood flow is less obvious, because what improves the blood flow now by silver-plating? That is actually quite simple. Our body has a magnetic field of its own (electrically charged) and silver enhances this effect. The amplified magnetic field stimulates the capillaries in the skin, opening them up. And so blood can flow through better.



A better circulation ensures that more nutrients are transported throughout the body. And also that waste products are disposed of faster. This makes the cells in the skin (and therefore also the skin) stronger. When the skin becomes stronger, it is also better able to resist bacteria that can cause all kinds of problems. Examples of diseases that use a weak skin are raisinbeard, wound dandruff and boils.



Another advantage of better blood flow is that more warm blood is transported through the body. People who suffer a lot from cold can therefore benefit from it. For example, people with diabetes, rheumatism, heart problems have a reduced blood flow. Certain treatments can also cause the blood flow to be less. Many medicines have the side effect that the blood becomes thicker and thus less easily flowing through. Other treatments can damage (hair) vessels (including chemotherapy) and thereby reduce blood flow. A heart problem or heart surgery can weaken the pumping of the blood and therefore cause cold problems.

The combination of blood flow and killing bacteria appears to be very often applicable in practice. Whether it is suitable for you? Trying is certainly not a bad thing and there is a good chance that you will be very satisfied, just like all those people who have already gone before you.

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