We all have it at times: cold feet, but off course some people suffer more from it than others. Is there any specific reason for that and what can we do about it?


When it is colder outside (especially in autumn and winter), when your body temperature drops and the blood vessels contract. That means that less blood will flow to the surface of your skin so that less heat can be lost on the surface. Your body is built to first keep your vital organs warm and then the rest of your body. That is why that your extremities (the tip of your nose and your feet) become cold.

So cold feet start when the blood flow in your skin decreases. As nice as it is that our body first takes care of our organs, it can be very annoying if the rest of your body feels cold. Besides this natural reaction of our body, there are also a number of causes known for the occurrence of cold feet when the temperature is not necessarily cold like winter toes or the Raynaud phenomenon.


We suffer more from cold feet in autumn and winter. If you walk outside in the rain or snow, the damp, wet cold will soak in through your shoes. We immediately think about putting on socks when it is cold, or a good pair of slippers that heat our cold feet in the house.

There are also people who do all this neatly, and still have cold feet. And not only in the 'cold months' but all year round. In those cases it may be that the cause is located in your body instead of being caused from the cold from the outside.


Because there are several causes for cold feet, it is not surprising that there are several possible solutions.

1.     Avoid high temperature fluctuations so that your body doesn't reacts to cold weather by pulling the blood vessels together and leaving your feet cold. Try to make sure that you don't experience too big changes in temperature and don't make your body too heavy to keep everything at the right temperature.

2.     Always keep moving. The longer you sit or stay still, the less your body needs to correct and the less blood is pumped through your body. So especially in the cold months it is a good idea to do some sports or to talk a long walk. Always make sure to keep your blood flowing.

3.     Make sure you have good shoes and good socks. With good shoes you can think of a solid sole and a good lining. That is a good base layer to block the cold. Then wear good socks. It's smart to wear our Bamboo with Silver socks. We have woven silver yarn in the foot part so that your blood vessels do not get narrowed.

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