Pandemic Global Approach Update Summer 2021

Humanity is facing an unprecedented challenge. This pandemic has pushed back the global economy and society to a level as far as the turn of this century or even further back. More importantly, it has cost lives of hundreds of thousands of lives. Lives, which could have gone on to potentially provide new innovations, passing on family traditions, providing emotional and financial support to their respective families.

Unfortunately, this opportunity has been snuffed out to this huge population who fell to this pandemic. It has brought about fear and uncertainty to almost every human being globally. This terrible situation must be STOPPED!

Today the battle is being raged on many fronts to reclaim our way of life. Some of the approaches are:

  1. Prevention of infection
  2. Vaccinations
  3. Treatment of infection

It is our common goal to avoid any infection but it has become clear to us that even if we are fully vaccinated, we can still catch the virus. That is because the vaccine was made with a virus particle from two years ago. There are now tens of thousands of variants of the virus. This is the same as with the flu. The influenza virus mutates every year, which is why there is a new vaccine every year.

So even with the vaccine, we can still transmit the virus. We hoped that the vaccine would prevent us from becoming seriously ill from corona and that we would therefore infect fewer people. But by now it's clear that even if we are vaccinated, (other) symptoms will remain.

The only solution which has been accepted as viable by all experts across the globe is to wear masks. By wearing masks, the spread of infection has clearly been controlled. That is why governments keep up the advice or even demand to wear a face mask in places where the risk of transmission is higher.

The challenge is to make sure the right kind of mask is used along with the method of using the mask is also correct. In desperation to keep ourselves safe, we end up using any and all kinds of masks.

  • Cotton masks don't protect us that well and need to be washed continuously at high temperatures.
  • Disposable surgical masks seem to pose a risk of plastic fiber inhalation and are a potential source of microplastic fibers for our environment

Many have actually suffered by using the wrong masks. Even if the masks are ok, the immediate solution has been used without considering our environmental pollution risk. This is a huge issue and if not addressed, will have a huge negative impact on our already fragile environment.

Today, 99.9% of the face masks need to be disposed or washed after each patient, application, or a certain duration of use. All are passive masks! They form a physical barrier and filter against microbes but will be contaminated on the outside by the environmental pathogens and on the inside by microbes from the wearer. The risk of spreading infections is unfortunately very high especially due to unsafe contact and improper disposal of these used masks.

We are convinced that everyone should use a mask to travel (by plane, at the airport, in other countries, ...) or when new virus variants still pose a threat, as we see today in various regions. In those moments it is important that you wear an effective and safe face mask.

Why do we offer so much resistance to a face mask? We all have gloves, a hat, a scarf, an umbrella ... to protect us. A face mask is just another accessory to help us. So if we need to have always a face mask at hand, why not choose to have the face mask of the future?

That is why SUPRMASK is the only mask that deserves a place in your closet or needs to be used. 

SUPRMASK is composed of 4 to 6 layers, dependent on the model, and both outer layers are made of a polymer mesh permanently bound to pure metallic silver. SUPRMASK does not contain any nanomaterials.

The antimicrobial activity of silver is well proven and extensively documented. Tests performed and published by various research institutes showed silver can also inactivate influenza and coronaviruses, including SARS-COV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

Be safe ... Anytime, Anywhere, Around Anyone ... use SUPRMASK.

SUPRMASK (patent pending) forms not only an excellent physical barrier against biological pathogens but also works as an active chemical device, killing viruses and bacteria instantly.

The powerful antimicrobial characteristics keep the SUPRMASK clean and greatly reduce the need for washing. This killing effect is preserved even after more than 50 washing cycles. Consequently, SUPRMASKs can be used for a very long time creating less waste, knowing that we each month throw away billions of masks.

The masks are very comfortable, soft as silk, and very breathable. They were extensively tested and are classified as surgical masks type I to IIR conform the European Directive and British Standard BS EN 14683. SUPRMASKs are CE approved and registered as a Medical Device Class I.


SUPRMASK is the face mask of the future. An active, reusable surgical mask that lasts.


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