SUPRCARE Launches First Antimicrobial Face Mask Using Pure Silver To Kill Viruses & Bacteria – 99.99% Effective & Reusable Without Washing

The use of Silver-based medical products has always been prevalent in hospital settings to kill bacteria instantly. As the Covid-19 pandemic rages on and many look for practical PPE equipment, SUPRMASK comes as a breath of fresh air with its cutting-edge Pure Silver technology. In addition, it can be reused without having to be washed.

London, UK – April 2021. SUPRCARE makes international headlines as they announce the formal launch of their newest product, SUPRMASK: a reusable face mask that uses Silver to kill viruses and bacteria. While silver has been used for centuries to kill viruses and bacteria, it had yet to be used in conjunction with PPE face masks. By effectively implementing this technology in their advanced, readily-available face masks, SUPRMASK is taking the medical industry by storm.

SUPRMASK is a certified surgical face mask that works by inactivating bacteria and viruses instantly upon contact. Unlike most other PPE face masks on the market that contain only 3 layers of protection, SUPRMASK contains 6 layers – so no need for double masking which can make it difficult to breathe. Due to its reusability, SUPRMASK is also an eco-friendly face mask, cutting down on the environmental impact of millions of disposable masks of which many end up in the ocean and animals’ habitats.

During a recent press event of SUPRCARE, the company spokesperson, Rudiger Mees, was quoted saying, “We are proud to produce a revolutionary surgical mask that will help everyone from Doctors to patients and all the way down to the environment, as we truly believe that the use of disposable face masks can lead to a disaster for the environment. Our SUPRMASK forms not only a physical barrier between the user’s mouth and nose, protecting against the biological pathogens in the immediate environment, but will also form a chemical barrier. Therefore , SUPRMASK ensures the safety of both the user and their surroundings.”

He went on to say, “SUPRMASK is a comfortable, certified face mask that is practical and reusable, the first of its kind. The ear loops are also covered with pure silver so that contact with contaminated hands triggers the same silver reaction which neutralizes biological contaminants, thus reducing the risk of transmission. We firmly believe that SUPRMASK is the PPE face mask of the future.”

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